Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vietnam: Equity selling poultry not quarantined

Lao Dong 13 Date 16/01/2009 Updated: 9:44 AM, 15/01/2009

(LD) - Testing market Tien Phong (Me Linh district, Hanoi) 15.1 morning, the delegation check VSA TTP Noi city found most poultry shops in business here are not through quarantine.

Tien Phong market as market Yen, active since 1997, has about 10 shops slaughter poultry. In those days the market, selling points may be increased to tens of times the number of poultry is not small.

Shop owner Tran Thi Thanh Hang, said: "We get chickens from large livestock farms in Western history, Vinh Phuc and each time to enter the camp certificate origin. The camp will also be responsible quarantined. On average, each day to sell my house about 30 chicken slaughter and 4-5 children live chickens. "

However, at the time of testing, she is not Hang certificates origin as above, with reason "forgotten at home." One shop owner slaughter thousand, expressed the ducks, the birds at the market in the region and for the local should not need certificate of origin as well as quarantine (!?).

In addition, shops slaughter poultry operation right next to a pond and waste, waste water from tuon markets are down here. Risk ủ germ, infectious diseases, and is Bùng potential.

Representatives Its italy Noi city acknowledges, not to build the system in animal italy communes, wards and villages hamlet. Me Linh district also merged into the new city, the headquarters Defend italy districts also have to rent, do nhang in construction projects Yen prolonged market, also at no BQL for ...

But if for any difficulties that the situation for equity purchase poultry quarantine is not a party austria spam continues, the more prolonged hide will have the opportunity to Bùng.

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