Monday, February 16, 2009

Indo: Bekasi

Monday, 16 February 2009 at 16:01:00

BEKASI-Six people Sukamulya Village, District Sukatani Kabupaten Bekasi, West Java, is suspected of being infected influeza avian virus or bird flu. Now, their blood samples to a laboratory diperiksakan Ministry of Health.

Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health Office Penyehatan Kabupaten Bekasi dr Rudi Ruhdiat, said the results of blood pemeriksan sempel can be two more weekends. The six residents is that they make close contact with poultry postif positive avian influenza type H5N1. "They were the owners and mengonsumsi AI-positive birds," said Rudi, Monday (16 / 2).

Sampling was conducted Saturday (14 / 2) and, to the 25 people of the Village Sukamulya. At the same time, only five people who allegedly infected. Sampling is done because the previous two days, there are 42 chickens belonging to residents of sudden death. Public Health and Animal Husbandry to the test in the rapid location of the incident states that poultry, poultry died suddenly positive avian influenza. Poultry that died suddenly was not destroyed, even to the river are removed, and some did not want to be consumed as losers.

Until today, Monday (16 / 2) of suspected bird flu continues to grow. Bocah age of 10 years, Ipin, allegedly infected with the virus. "This morning he was hot and we take it to a health clinic," said Syahroni, father of the victim. He also added that if health does not improve, he added, in two days will be referred to the hospital special bird flu Sulianti Suroso, East Jakarta.

Rudi said Ipin and other citizens terinfekasi virus avian influenza (AI) type H5N1 through the air. Penularannya occur through direct contact with the AI-positive birds, breathe in the dirt after the chicken, snot, and blood of chickens that have become dry. Virus and attack the lungs, and symptoms appear hot and high fever.

According to Rudi, the status suspek bird flu was to the six residents received from results of the test of the public health laboratory belonging to the Department of the Health, in Bandung. Officially Kesehatan of the Bekasi Regency also gave medicine tamiflu to Ipin, the newest patient suspek bird flu. His dose - 1/2 the tablet in a day, with the consumption period five days. The village head Sukamulya. Only, medicine tami flu that was distributed long stock, supplies since 2005 that the taking effect period ended this February. Apart from Ipin, there was one family that mengonsumsi the chicken was infected by AI. Meraka was, Sri Rahayu, Jema, and Arni. When seeing his chicken was sick, immediately was cut off then then was cooked. The spread of bird flu was against the three residents expected through the sprinkling of chicken blood that dried up when being cut off. The other resident who took part in being infected was NY Ita, the mother from Ipin. Suspected of being infected through the waste of the chicken around his house. The other resident who currently in the supervision is the Father Ipin, Syahroni and Muhamad Daos, the sample of their blood was sent to Departemen Kesehatan.

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