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The chicken died in Dayeuhkolot Positive Bird Flu

A continuation of this story posted here:

Tetelo, Causes Death in the Chicken Dayeuhkolot
March 18th...Posted by Commonground at 9:09 AM

...the story of the town that decided to burn their own chickens because they were worried, the local garbage collector burnt them without any PPE...but the next story said the authorities came in, and took the tests, and discovered it was New Castle they claim it's bird flu...and...a resident that "did something wrong" has symptoms. Did something culling with no PPE something wrong?.....This is particularly upsetting because they contacted the authorities, to no avail. From the 1st article posted on this situation:
Because worried that was the sign of bird flu, the resident then at once burnt the poultry carcass without could be ascertained by the cause of his death.

According to RW public relations 09 of Deni Kartiwa, the guidance to burn this chicken carcass came from the Dayeuhkolot Community Health Centre after giving the report.

This decision was chosen because, after reporting to the government of the subdistrict, there was no assurance that was given. "There was no clear and certain solution, we at once burnt the chicken carcass," said Deni, on Wednesday (18/3).

KESRA--19 MARET: The sample that was taken from the chicken carcass died suddenly in RW 9 villages and the Dayeuhkolot Subdistrict, Kabupaten Bandung, by the official from the Peternakan Service and fisheries, on Wednesday (18/3), evidently positive bird flu. When being checked struck 15,30, results rapid test showed results of the significant negative the chicken suffered Newcastle disease. Cecep Hendriyadi, the official Partisipatory Disease Surveillance Respondent, at that time spoke that the cause of the death was raging Newcastle disease. However, not old at intervals of evidently results rapid test positive.

One of the residents, Deni Kustiwa, on Thursday, said, this morning again was found by one chicken that died suddenly. Moreover, did something wrong a resident was named Jajang Wijaya that suffered the sign like bird flu like hot and coughs. Until the news was filed, the team from Community-based & Integrated Research of Avian Influenza (CIRAI) combed the territory in and around the chicken died suddenly was found. This team was bisected, that is combing the sample of the animal and surveying the resident. (kp/hr).

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