Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bird flu enters the Egyptian children

القاهرة ـ (رويترز) - السبت 04 ابريل 2009
CAIRO (Reuters) - Saturday, 04 April 2009
According to reports yesterday that the Egyptian children were the virus that causes bird flu, and this is the case in which the sixty-second confirmed case of bird flu virus in Egypt, the States most affected by bird flu outside Asia, announced the seven human cases since the first of March.
And children, Hasan Jamil Hassan Mohammed, at the age of 21 months from the lake in the northern province of Egypt and that in the case of (good) after the treatment drug (Tamiflu).The injury comes after several days of a child at the age of two years of the same county the same virus.It was not known how the virus was a child but it is believed that the majority of Egyptians who were moved by the bird flu virus from infected domestic birds. Since the 2003 avian flu virus has infected at least 410 people in 15 countries and killed 254 of them And led to the deaths or culling of more than 300 million birds in 61 countries in Asia and the Middle East, Africa and Europe.He died after about 23 Egyptians infected with HIV, mostly after coming into contact with infected domestic birds in a country where the adoption of almost five million households that kept poultry at home as an important source of food and income.

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