Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flu Patients Wait Two More Days

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 | 21:40 PST

BANJARMASIN, WEDNESDAY - To ensure that suspected bird flu disease experienced by the four foreign citizens (foreigners) who were undergoing treatment in hospitals Ulin Banjarmasin, had to wait for laboratory test haisl conducted health services (health office) South Kalimantan.

"Insa Allah two days the lab results are completed. So can be known, is really positive or negative," said health department chief Kalimantan, drg Rosihan Adhani.

Further, he says, the result will laboaratorium that it made reference uintuk conclusions. Treatment efforts, including medical teams to four people.

Mentioned about the treatment performed medical team, according to the former head of Banjar district is no different. That is, during the official has not suffered a bird flu virus is still being treated in hospitals that Ulin.

Unless the laboratory results were positive of bird flu, the direct isolation imasukkan. So that only certain officers are allowed to enter the room, to avoid things like the unwanted spread of the virus.

"If it will bear positive charges. But as long as there is no certainty it like other patients," explained Rosihan. (Choiruman)

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