Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watch Adpel Foreign Ships

Tuesday, 02 February 2010
PALEMBANG (SI) - Implementation of China Asean Free Trade Area (ACFTA) Sumsel unavoidable. But Port Administrators (Adpel) determined that the various products of China must not be directly entered Palembang.

Chief Port Administrator Office (Adpel) Palembang Sugiyono said, according to control procedures, all the products that China will enter the port of Palembang or New Boom, must pass through five pelabuhan.Yakni Belawan, Port of Makassar, Surabaya Port, Port of Batam and Tanjung Priok Port .

If you've entered a fifth port, was examined in terms of a new variety of foreign goods that can enter the port of New Boom. "For China's products are limited to monitoring well be a way to pass the five ports. If not through the five ports do not expect many things that get in Palembang, "said Sugiyono, in his office, yesterday.

According to him, determined these five ports to the entry of goods from the outside can be controlled. So the things that are not desirable as it is smuggling, entry of various epidemics and others can be avoided. Where, when he entered the port the ships have to be checked and sprayed plants and plants that do not carry the plague.

Likewise with food products to be watched. If no match will disanksi. "These three products that China imports of textiles, toys and electronic goods anakanak still not be allowed into the ports opened for such international Baru. Pembatasan Boom minister was based on rules, because the products China imports could create a crisis," he said.

Then, associated outbreak that hit many overseas ports of New Boom could alert one to control foreign ships in this Sumsel [acronym for South Sumatra]. Hal entry alert associated H1N1 and H5N1 viruses, or commonly called bird flu and swine flu. "Although not as tight as a few months ago, the port still watching and checking the entry of foreign vessels in the waters of the estuary, in the area of Cape Yang," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Agriculture Quarantine R Class I Fauzar R Palembang said Agriculture Quarantine Center Class I Palembang, conduct supervision over commodity crops and animals will go to South Sumatra, particularly through the security entrance Palembang. Dimana ranging from SMB II Palembang Airport, Boombaru Seaport, Post Office, Port of Ladder 35 Ilir or strict supervision Tank done.

"For fresh food agricultural commodities from plants (PSAT) such as plant seeds, peanuts, wheat, fruits and fresh vegetables, and others from abroad are banned to Palembang. Likewise with commodities such as corned beef animals, abon, bacon, sausage, tidak bolehmasuk Palembang, lest carry diseases.

For that, through these four entrance guarded barangbarang imports, "he said at the governor's office, yesterday. Separately, members of the Committee II DPD RI Bambang Soeroso said, was to deal with the government must be responsive ACFTA. For example, to supervise the entry of China's products are. (yayan darwansah)

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