Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vietnam: Nghe An Province - H5N1 Poultry Outbreak


ND - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has a number of electric posts 04/CÐ-BNN-TY People's Committees of provinces and cities Surgeons, ministries of Health, Industry and Trade, Transportation, Information and Communication, police about controlling the slaughter, sale, processing, transporting livestock, poultry and livestock products and poultry before and after Tet Canh Dan, asking:

People's Committees of provinces and cities held Surgeons slaughtering cattle and poultry concentrated in the places specified in cities and towns, prohibit marketing of cattle, poultry and unknown origin Veterinary Quarantine failed; banned live poultry trade in the inner city, urban; prohibit selling more cattle farming, poultry; in rural areas do not have avian flu: Allows slaughtering poultry in markets where a special slaughter in other sectors, the poultry slaughter equipment protection is minimal. People's Committees at all levels to strengthen the inspection and treatment of serious violations ...

At Dien Bien province, translated foot and mouth disease (LMLM) are spread over large and very complex evolutions. Since the public service (on 29-1), the province has more in communes, wards and district Dien Bien, Muong Cha district of Dien Bien Phu and Ho appear translated, with more than 232 cattle disease, bringing the total to 717 animals sick children.

4-2 days, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said Nghe An, in two days, progress in bird flu has appeared in 19 communes in Nghi Phong neighbors, Nghi Loc district. Initially 405 ducks have been identified as infected have brought to destruction.

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