Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#Egypt: 1st Death #H1N1 in Assiut

[My notes have this person as being reported on 12/17. Name: A.P. (34) Teacher at Dairout Preparatory School]

The death of the first case of bird flu in pigs in Assiut

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 15:20

Recorded today, the governorate of Assiut, the first event of the death of swine influenza virus to maintain a person named "B. A." P, (34 years), the status of Dairout Preparatory School teacher, was suffering from chest allergy, and rheumatic heart disease.

صرح بذلك الدكتور أحمد عبد الحميد مدير الطب الوقائى بأسيوط. This was stated by Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Hamid, director of Preventive Medicine, Assiut.

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