Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A state of emergency to cope with bird flu virus in Egypt

December 2010
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Source: Journal of Agricultural

The Department of Health state of emergency to cope with bird flu virus in Egypt to the possibility of its spread in the winter, have been recorded 36 deaths in the country since the emergence of the virus in 2006 until now in addition to 112 cases. Gen. Hassan benign General Coordinator of the Committee on Avian Influenza and the arrival rate of death from bird flu in Egypt to 30% of cases infected when they arrived, the global ratio to 60% in some East Asian countries to 80%.
He noted the continued work of the epidemiological monitoring of the virus in all governorates, in addition to the continued prohibition of education at home and the transfer of live poultry at the level of the Republic.
Dr. Nasr El-Sayed representative of the Ministry of Health of the Committee that will be the continuation of early detection of spread of the virus with the reduction to control the spread of anti-education at home and follow-up epidemiological monitoring for each of the clusters of population and farms, emphasizing that the experience of swine flu in Egypt has developed a trace of the virus, saying that in conjunction With the advent of swine influenza virus were detected 5 thousand suspected case of bird flu and the continuation of the Ministry of Health in tracking the virus in Egypt during the coming winter.
He said Dr. Nasr El-Sayed to that there is no fear or concern of swine influenza virus, especially with the Declaration of the World Health Organization the end of the pandemic flu to become a kind of normal seasonal influenza.
He pointed out that he has to add taste to the taste of seasonal influenza, which has been vaccinated many citizens did during this year, as it does not have any concern to the delegations of pilgrims from the swine flu, stressing that all countries in the world, including Egypt, amended the taste of seasonal influenza, which is vaccination of pilgrims before travel to suit the genetic evolution of swine flu.
As for the drug "Tamiflu" processor for each of the avian flu and swine, he stressed that Egypt has a strategic stockpile of rose of Tamiflu, enough to manufacture one million doses in less than a week Egyptian factories for medicines and that the validity period of up to 12 years to come, pointing out that it is quite adequate in the case of the emergence of avian influenza, or even seasonal influenza.
Suggests Dr. Mostafa Gargi Chairman of the General Veterinary Services that the plan of the Special Body of bird flu, it aims to eradicate the disease and the plan is based on the basic themes are the restructuring of the poultry industry,
which include farms, hatcheries and feed industry, massacres, and marketing, education and rural.
Ttaiwirotover technical capabilities and the physical body and the Gaza production plants vaccine and the Gaza coefficient tests for the continued activation of the Plan of eradication have been made effort significantly towards dealing with patients for finding active and education at home and vaccination procedures, and participate in the culling of infected birds and clean-up and awareness-raising, guidance and ongoing training for veterinarians and technical workers to raise their efficiency and do follow-up to apply the terms of biosecurity on farms and these actions will control of the disease and prevent its spread and to work to prevent the virus mutating into more virulent strains.
There are successful programs of immunization against the disease is communicated to educators abreast and follow-up by doctors Authority and the departments of Veterinary Medicine, assess and gauge the extent of effectiveness of flocks of different fattening and whites, mothers, immunizations are available in the market, but immunization without conditions Biosecurity of no value and this is the case in about 70% of the farms.
The fortifications are imported through the body and Abarh use to further calibrate and find out its ability to fend off disease.
We also attach great importance to the achievement of bio-security conditions as the most important ways to control the epidemic and contagious diseases.

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