Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#Egypt: Will Import #H5N1 Vaccine For Poultry From China

We previously posted on the vaccine situation in Egypt here and here

December 27, 2010
Able College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cairo, in cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Veterinary Research of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China, produced the first vaccine effective against Egypt bird flu, to protect the wealth Aldagnip in Egypt.

Dr. Ahmed Snoussi, Professor of Virology, Medicine, Veterinary Cairo, that a team of university scientists concluded after careful research to strain local cause of the epidemic, during the last three years, and after analyzing the genetic material of these strains, using the latest technologies in the Institute of Harbin Veterinary Research in China have been identified in wild strain and weaken, and the preparation of a pilot batch of the vaccine of avian influenza.

He added that the vaccine was tested on poultry to determine the level of immunity, and the degree of protection resulting from immunization, using the so-called selection challenge, and confirmed the preliminary results of tests conducted in China efficacy of the vaccine prepared from these strains by 100%, and when you test the vaccine in herds Egyptian poultry under local conditions, the results proved the effectiveness of the vaccine to achieve the necessary protection against the disease by 93%.

He added that the General Authority for Veterinary Services advised register the vaccine, and the speed used in the immunization Egyptian poultry against the virus, especially with the activity of the virus in winter, indicating that the vaccine was launched to markets, and show its effectiveness after a month and a half months of vaccinated birds do.

The Sanusi to vaccine production in China due to the lack of production line in Egypt, where the cost of 150 million pounds, and the Harbin Institute of Veterinary Research has the potential to produce, will arrive to Cairo by an importer, pointing out that cooperation with China comes Following the recommendations of the Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza, Cairo University in cooperation with the global research, to be able to develop a strain live attenuated strain of the Egyptian fierce of avian influenza virus, known as "HP 5 1" in order to fit given a vaccine for flocks of birds in Egypt, to the formation of immune necessary to have, and protect them from infection.

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