Friday, December 31, 2010

Report signs of further spread of AI ... Iksan doubt

01/01/2011 00:05:02
farm in Iksan, Cheonan, Chungnam received from the duck farms reported the suspect was confirmed as highly pathogenic AI.
Defense officials, as well as the dynamics that are relevant to farm chickens and ducks in farms, 120,000 were disposed of and buried In the neighborhood of Korea's largest chicken processing company also took an emergency.

Interview: hanyongseop / (shares) Harim Farm Management Team - "how bad the damage would be fine.

Our company is best to avoid spreading any more ... "2.7km away from an outbreak of a poultry farm in Iksan, if Nangsan such as the chicken we have to report suspected jeopsudwae is showing signs of spreading.

As an extra test positive panjeongdwae 50,000 chickens in the farms and to dispose of buried and have been holding an overhaul.

Defense officials watched the trend over the weekend raised broader measures such as determining the disposition of burial is planned

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