Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#Egypt: Continue to reap the swine flu victims #H5N1

Sunday 26/12/2010

Citizens died in the governorates of Port Said, Assiut, yesterday, as a result Infected with swine influenza, while new infections were recorded in other provinces.

The source said a medical official in the governorate of Port Said, The preservation of recorded yesterday the first case of death resulting from infection of swine flu, saying: «She died a woman named (MM1) 28 years, and assess the City Port Fouad after being infected with virus (H1N1) and received by the hospital, Al Solomon, and was suffering from severe pneumonia, because of her poor health and degradation seriously have been converted to the isolation section of Preventive Amiri hospital year, but woman has died while trying to save them ».

The source said on condition of anonymity that «there are 3 cases infected with swine flu infection was caught in the fever hospital in Port Said».

In Assiut died farmer from the center of Ottoman and wounded a teacher and student at the Faculty of Agriculture Al-Azhar University of the disease.

And Fayoum General Hospital held a woman in the seventy-fifth year-old girl called Amina Abdu from the village will provide, on suspicion of bird flu emerging.
A medical source said that Ms. «felt in the high temperature, vomiting and symptoms similar to flu symptoms emerging detention and we decided to take a sample and sent to labs central Ministry of Health to make sure of her illness».

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