Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 Reports on Assam culling

In Assam, culling of birds in avian flu affected Dhubri district will continue for the fifth consecutive day today.  Official sources said that culling of over 10 thousand birds has been completed so far at 14 villages at Agomoni area, bordering Bangladesh.  The culling is likely to be continued for another two days. More from our correspondent: More from our correspondent:
"50 members veterinary team from Barpeta and Goalpara district has reached Agomoni to gear up the culling operation. District administration has made the compensation to the villagers on the spot as per government norms. Bongaigaon and Goalpara district also took precautionary measures to prevent the avian flu virus. The veterinary department has decided to test blood sample of birds as precautionary measures in Goalpara district.

3DimvnsAffected by bird flu in Assam's Dhubri district, the fifth consecutive day of culling continues today.  Our correspondent reports that the district administration more than thirty thousand of the 14 villages have undertaken the task of culling.

Rapid Response Teams Jpusabri, Agomani and Suparikata have been instructed to pay special attention to the village. In addition, they chicken - chickens and ducks after killing to monitor the position will visit the villages again.  State Veterinary Department to accelerate the drive Kokrajr, Bangai village and Barpeta has posted the technical members.  Prtim Manas Sharma, Pradeep Shah Dubri with I, AIR News, Guwahati.

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