Monday, September 12, 2011

Prepare health centers Manado Dinkes Prevent Bird Flu

Manado Tribune - Monday, September 12, 2011 19:41
TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID, SATURN - Public Health (Health Office) Manado have been anticipating the event of the spread of bird flu virus (H5N1) by notifying all health centers in order to always guard against viruses that spread by birds.

As stated by Head of Disease Control and Environmental Health Zeekeon Joy in his office on Monday (09/12/2011). "We had anticipated through the health center in order to be responsive if it is known there are people suspected of being affected by bird flu," he said.

Moreover, according to him the Provincial Government (Provincial Government) has also provided assistance in the form of Tami flu, which will be given to affected residents if there is H5N1. But the aid given is not too large, just as a precaution only.

It also has collaborated with the Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to monitor directly into the market, to find out whether the virus has entered the Manado. But so far the results of monitoring have not been found to residents affected by bird flu.

"To date in Manado no one has tested positive for bird flu, only the last year alone there were people who suspect," he said.

Head of Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Poly Ricky Manado revealed it had carried out the prevention against the spread of H5N1 virus from outside the region, by blocking the entrances to Manado, as in Malalayang.

In addition, it also closely watch the chickens that go to Manado. If there is a positive note there is a virus, it immediately to block. But until now it has not found any avian flu burung.WITA

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