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Fear of Bird Flu

October 19, 2011 | BP
Fear of Bird Flu
Ask the students at SDN 1 Jehem Discharged
Bangli (Bali Post)
The fall of the third victim of bird flu virus in the Village Antugan Jehem Bangli, making local people's fears. All students at SDN 1 Jehem feel frightened and asks were returned from school. This is done after hearing Ni Wayan Purnami died at once became the third victim of bird flu following the departure of both bocahnya. Communities also assess anticipated traffic handling poultry in and out of cypress gremeng Bangli still. Anticipating the passage of livestock through mass spraying at the entrance and tightening documentation of livestock are transported to and exit Bangli not performed, as did Bangli few years ago.
Head of Education, Youth and Sports Bangli District Drs. I Nyoman Sumantra Tuesday (18/10) yesterday, admitted the occurrence of excessive psychological fear among students of post Purnami Ni Wayan, the victim's mother died of bird flu. Although the geographical location of death of the victim with a Tembuku SDN and SMPN 4 Tembuku far apart, but people still seem frightened.
Sumantara yesterday gathered Tuesday afternoon at the Bangli Education Unit head. He asked the school health office immediately invited to explain to the kids how it's really the bird flu and handling so it does not dissolve in an exaggerated fear.

 Meanwhile legislators Gegel Wesnawa Bangli I Nyoman said the government should not be indecent gremeng against the circulation of cattle in the area of security. Do not even think of the fall of the three victims died just wind. ''This case should not fall victim to widespread and more. Moreover, there are some areas such as Friends and Pekuwon have tested positive. There should be a joint movement to prevent the virus from spreading,''tegasya. If there are currently no funds, he asked the government can do an assessment by a third party so that people no longer restless.   http://www.balipost.co.id/mediadetail.php?module=detailberita&kid=2&id=57809

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