Thursday, October 20, 2011

Officials Call Wabup Bird Flu Related

Officials Call Wabup Bird Flu Related

NEGARA, NusaBali STATE, NusaBali 
Friday, October 21, 2011

Vice Regent Jembrana I Made Kembang Hartawan call and the entire sub-district officials to discuss the bird flu outbreak control.  Meeting held on Thursday (20/10) produced several formulations of bird flu-related policies, including the establishment of shelters in each district.

In addition, officers should continue to intensify supervision of spraying and poultry inter-island circulation.  Flower said the company did not want to missed associated transmission of avian influenza virus to humans.

"Before I found cases of transmission to humans as a few years ago, we must anticipate early on," he said.  In addition to the general public, socialization is also carried out to schools so that students are also wary.

Flower also confirmed, from its geographical position, Jembrana District is an area that is on track illegal crossings poultry.

 "Therefore, the guard, both in the official entrance and along the coast should be done so that there is no smuggling of poultry," he said. He confessed, he still often hear the birds escaped from the supervision of officers so they can go to Bali. Sela. In addition to anticipation in the field, Flower asked relevant agencies to make budget calculations in the near future to deal with bird flu.  It did not want, the handling of bird flu stalled for reasons related agencies do not have a budget.

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