Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indonesia: 4 Patients in West Nusa Tenggara Province Test Negative for #H5N1 #birdflu


Mataram, 19/10 (AFP) - Four patient referrals at the General Hospital of West Nusa Tenggara Province which was originally classified as "suspect" bird flu, immediately sent home because of the negative results of the examination or not found H5N1 virus in his body.

"It made a series of examinations, and the VCR or negative states can not find the bird flu virus," said Director of the Provincial General Hospital (Dr) West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) dr H Then Mawardi Hamri, who was accompanied by two specialists who handle these four patients , in Mataram on Wednesday.

Both the physician was Dr. Salim (lung specialist) and Dr. Abdul Razak (child specialist). Both are part of a special team of patient handling SARS, bird flu and swine flu, which formed the management department of NTB.

Special team handling the dangerous influenza disease, also includes a specialist ENT, internal medicine (internist) and radiology.
While examination of Visual Conversion Reaction (VCR) to detect respiratory viruses with biomolecular methods or DNA testing, which supported a number of proper equipment.

While the four patients who were negative "susfect" bird flu each Aditia Dwi (11 months) from Pringgarata Village, District Pringgarata, Central Lombok regency, Inaq Sahnun (52), residents Semayan Village, District Praya, Central Lombok regency, Dian Syahwan (5 months) Village residents also Semayan, and Sartika Kameda (10).

Urban Village and Village Pringgarata Semayan are two villages in Central Lombok regency, which meiliki history of the alleged spread of avian influenza viruses in animals, characterized by hundreds of chickens died suddenly in a week in mid-October.

Mawardi said, Aditia who was only 11 months before being treated in health centers Pringgarata on October 14, and then referred to hospitals Selong to be referred to the department of NTB on October 15, 2011.

Inaq Sahnun, also referred from hospitals to the department of NTB Praya on October 15, 2011, while Dian Syahwan and Sartika Kameda, referred from hospitals to the department of NTB Praya on October 17, 2011.

The four patients showing symptoms of medical disorders such as high fever that reached 28 degrees [?] Celsius, and some of them coughing, so classified "suspect" bird flu. Moreover, they are from the settlements which form the location of hundreds of chickens that died suddenly.

"Now, the fourth patient was gradually recovering. Their temperature is also reduced so that more and more distant from the possible bird flu. It's just that, still to be cared for while awaiting the results confirm the specimens sent to the Research Ministry of Health in Jakarta," he said.

NTB RSUP fourth patient blood specimens sent to the Research Ministry of Health, in order to know the culture breeding H5N1 virus might exist, but are not detected by the method of VCR.

The specimen was, according to Mawardi, had been sent since 15 October, so hopefully there will soon be the result, for dinformasikan to the patient and his relatives.
"Let's wait, while restoring the health condition of the fourth patient. Perhaps, in this week already," he said.

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