Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indonesia: Cows need to be tightened supervision

Approaching the Eid al-Adha, we do not want the same things happened in the last year. Cows sick or exposed to the virus will not happen again. To cope, obviously every city district government must always be diligent to come down to see the existing cattle market.

In addition, relevant agencies should also oversee the entire circulation of cows there. Do not let people buy a "cat in a sack". It seems only the cow is healthy, but in his body scattered harmful viruses.

Express News Padang Thursday (27/10) mentions cows in Painan which will be deployed in the tens of thousands. It not only meet the sacrificial meat to the South Coast region, but also other areas in West Sumatra. In fact, already there is news or a cow imported from Palembang Medan.

We do not know what events will happen on the road. Various diseases will perch. Do not imagine cows from Palembang, but just think of Painan to Pasaman or Dharmasraya. For live animals, cows also have limitations.

To that end, Government is in West Sumatra, there is no harm in providing an umbrella before it rains. Because usually, when there are new events no action. Hopefully this year did not happen. So that Muslims worship is not disturbed.

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