Monday, October 31, 2011

Indonesia East Java: Avian Influenza Chickens Attack Citizens

31 Oktober 2011 | 22:07 WIB
A total of 78 chickens not race in the village of Shiloh, Jember, East Java, was found dead of a sudden. The death of the chickens fell ill due to suspected bird flu.

This was stated by Head Silo, Eko Heru Sunarso, and Public Relations Office of Health Jember, Yumarlis, told Compass in Jember, Monday (10/31/2011). After receiving many reports of dead chickens, doctor clinic, Adi Wijaya, immediately carry out monitoring and taking steps that need to be done.

According to Eko Heru, chickens owned by residents RT 01/RW II Karangbaru Hamlet Village Shiloh Shiloh District on Saturday and Sunday (29/10/2011) was found dead suddenly. Officials from the Department of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Marine now take samples from chickens that had buried it.

Examination is also conducted on seven people who previously suffered from heat illness, and being around the location of dead chickens.

Yumarlis adds, the team from the Health Department took samples of patients with heat illness, although now already healed. Laboratory tests should be done to avoid the worst.

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