Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indonesia: Anticipations in Boyolali, W. Java for #H5N1 #Birdflu

I have known them to spray after the sudden death of poultry. Now they spray to be proactive. (They give Tamiflu for Acute Respiratory Infections...just to be we posted here on Jan. 23rd:
Department of Health conduct strict supervision of the residents of two districts because as a positive area or H5NI bird flu.

So that every citizen is stricken with Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) will be given the drug Tamiflu are less than 24 hours in an attempt to prevent the bird flu virus attacks the citizens of Jambi Kota Seberang.

Boyolali is located on W. Java, as is Jakarta. Click map to enlarge

To anticipate the spread of bird flu outbreaks, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (Disnakan) Boyolali perform fast motion. The first step is to do the spraying disinfectant into the chicken market and livestock market.
As performed at the Market Chicken Ngebong, District Boyolali City, Wednesday (25 / 1) morning.

Two officers spray disinfectant directly to the merchant's entire chicken coop. The officer also sprayed area and floor los chicken cuts. It was intended to kill the germs or virus of bird flu in order not contagious to humans.

In the middle of the spraying activities, officers also found two dead birds comprised a chicken and a goose. Even a dead chicken slaughtered in the slaughter of poultry. The officer immediately asked who the owner of the chickens dead, but no one is admitted. Finally, the chicken was confiscated to be destroyed.
"Poultry carcasses are very dangerous if consumed. Unfortunately, no dealers who admit that we trouble to trace the origin of the dead chickens, " Chief Disnakan Boyolali, Darsono.

Explained, spraying activities undertaken to anticipate the outbreak of bird flu that erupted in Jakarta and other regions. It moves quickly to the outbreak was not transmitted to the region Boyolali.

Moreover, the case of poultry deaths caused by bird flu never attacked Boyolali region in 2009 and 2010.
It did find cases of poultry death in Hamlet Berduk, Village and Village Sidomulyo Horn. There is also a suspect findings in humans, but after checking further proved to be negative.

"Vigilance is needed given the number of districts including the bird flu is endemic, Boyolali City, Ampel, Terrace, Mojosongo and Banyudono," he explained.

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Duff Smith said...

Prescribing Tamiflu more liberally is fine as long as the chain of infection STOPS with the person to whom the antiviral drug is given. If people taking the Tamiflu continue to touch their face and touch common surfaces without sanitizing their hands (or cough into the air, or possibly by not wearing a mask), then the practice could lead to drug-resistant microbes.