Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Egypt: Fire control poultry farm and 7 hangars Menoufia

Yesterday, I reported on an outbreak in Menoufia.  Located here.
Unfortunately, I cannot work on the exact location due to translation issues.

Forces civil defense and fire control of the massive fire broke out this afternoon, inside a poultry farm blessing of the seven and 7 hangars martyrs, Menoufia, was released report on the incident and notified the prosecutor to initiate an investigationwas the director of security Menoufia, received notification of assistant public security benefit a fire farm Poultry and 7 pens seven centers in pond and martyrs immediate transition to civil defense forces were putting out the fire, which broke out seven barns in the village the Slamon tribal status of martyrs and a poultry farm in the village of peace facility blessing of the seven, and the emancipation of the incident with the necessary records and prosecutors began investigating

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