Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Egypt: More on Dakahlia Outbreak

Previously posted on this situation yesterday, here.

The Ministry of Agriculture set up committees to vet, to follow the rules apply Biosafety in poultry farms in the Delta and Valley, to protect them from diseases and poultry epidemic, and against the backdrop of deaths 80 thousand chickens in a number of farms in Dakahlia, said Dr. Salah Abdalmamn, Minister of Agriculture, is underway to coordinate with provinces, to follow up on farms in violation of the license terms of the ministry, to stop the activity or remove farms built on agricultural land, without a license, as one of the preventive measures to protect poultry and public health.

The Minister of Agriculture, said in remarks «Egyptian today», he decides to be analyzed all production inputs in poultry farms which suffered the death of Dakahlia Governorate, to find out the real reasons behind the crisis, and continued: «So far there is no cause of unsatisfactory behind the crisis», explaining it was withdrawn samples of feed and water used in poultry feed in 20 farms had been injured, for analysis in the Central Laboratory for Food and Feed and pesticide residues in food, of the Center for Agricultural Research, to determine the cause of poultry deaths. For his part, Dr. Osama Salim, head of the General Authority for Veterinary Services, said he will announce the results of analyzes of feed and water, Wednesday evening, pointing out that the crisis environmental and not satisfactory, he added, in remarks «Egyptian today», that the poultry sector is characterized by erratic full, and the percentage of registered farms in Egypt does not exceed 25%, explaining that the number of poultry farms of up to more than 100 thousand farm, of which 25 thousand farm «licensed» knowing the livestock sector, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the rest farms Vtm built after the revolution, in a state of lawlessness, which makes it difficult to help them and to meet the needs.

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