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Placing Indonesia WHO H5N1 Victim Top Countries in the World

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OFFICE District Health (DKK) Banjarnegara, last week actively organized information dissemination Communication for Behavioural IMPAC (COMBI) AI. Based on existing data, the cumulative number of bird flu in Indonesia since 2005 until July 2012, there were 190 cases with 158 deaths. This is the reason for the WHO puts Indonesia as the country with the highest number of H5N1 victims in the world.
Chief Organizer, Sugiyanti, SKM, stated that these activities are part of the agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in collaboration with the Provincial Health Office in combating bird flu chose three health centers as the health center location Purwareja Klampok, Kalibening, and Madukara.
"Based on the participants in the first discussion after the meeting will be held at the health center Purwareja Klampok on Saturday, October 27, 2012, Kalibening health center on Monday 29th and Wednesday, October 31, 2012, and Madukara Health Center on Tuesday, October 30, 2012," he said.
The basic assumption of this activity is that many years efforts have been taken to combat bird flu, but until these activities are formulated still encountered the emergence of suspect bird flu in humans.
"Banjarnegara be one of the districts that elected to place the implementation of activities for the past year have occurred in the case of human bird flu suspecf to death" he said.
As for Banjarnegara district, recent events related to the bird flu, occurred not long ago in the district onion. When the number of chickens found dead, apparently having researched and found suspect bird flu. Fortunate that this incident did not get transmitted to humans from bird flu is still a threat of a danger to humans.
"From sources that I received, the cumulative number of bird flu in Indonesia since 2005 until July 2012, there were 190 cases with 158 deaths" he said. Incidence of bird flu in humans to cause death occurred in July that happened to a child in Jakarta. After review, he added, it is suspected the child was infected when purchasing 5 birds on the market.
After handling poultry, this kid either forgotten or familiar, does not wash his hands with soap. "This confirms that the emerging incidence of bird flu in humans can not be separated from the execution has not been healthy lifestyles in the community," he said.
Present at the event Kalibening Head Health Center, Health Center Madukara 1, Purwareja Klampok health center, and Representative SKPD, PKK, MORA, and a number of individuals associated with the program.
The three health centers are present because their area was chosen as a vehicle for socialization and practice Combi or the impact of communication behaviors. That is the end of one of the chains of the handling of bird flu is taking those indicated bird flu to be handled by the Health Center.
"In relation to the role of the health center is on the handling of bird flu, the language of our campaign is simple high heat to 38o C immediately brought to the nearest health center" he said. In this initial activity, he continued, participants were given an explanation about Avian Flu by officers from Dintankannak, Bird Flu in humans by officers from the field for Disease Control and Prevention Extraordinary Events (P2PKLB) DKK, how well the face of poultry, cage location, and a healthy lifestyle , the introduction of the background and objectives of the program and the activities Combi is also formulated the arrangements for the time in each region were selected health centers.
Transmission of Bird Flu Still Mystery
Veterinary Medic Distankanak drh. M. Fauzi S., explaining that the day of Eid al-Fitr yesterday, is in the village of Rumbling, District Onions found 6 chickens in pens of 22 chickens were found dead suddenly. Having researched proven chickens that died of bird flu suspect. Therefore, in addition to the provision of disinfectant into the cage, the remaining 16 chickens were destroyed, too.
"These events have led to the outbreak, but it should be noted about a month before that, near the scene of a sudden death occurs also 50 chickens. Because of this phenomenon, the roar of the area is the potential bird flu "he said. Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu, he added, is a disease of birds caused by type A influenza virus from Family Orhomyxoviridae. The death rate due to animal AI attacks, he said, is very high.
"Nearly all poultry such as chickens, both racial and non-racial, turkey, quail may be exposed to this kind of virus. But the AI outbreaks occur most often in chickens and turkeys "he said. 
incubation period for AI, he added, can reach 0-3 for the individual poultry liver, while for cages can reach more than three days. The possibility of transmission to humans can occur if the AI virus is adapting to humans. It is therefore important for us to know what are the characteristics of animals exposed to AI and control measures.
"There are a number of characteristics of the clinical symptoms of avian virus that AI is depressed, not eating, weakness, flaccid eggshell, and diarrhea pfofus" he said. Another feature is the comb crest, abdominal skin unfeathered blue the lead; sometimes fluid from the eyes and nose; crusting in the face and head; bleeding under the skin; bleeding point on the chest, legs, and feet, and coughing, sneezing, snoring, leleran out of the nose and mouth.
For the control and handling of the bird flu outbreak, said Fauzi, he has done a number of steps that include disinfectants, limited culling infected areas, such as burning and burying dead chickens and chickens suspected bird flu illness. Another effort taken is to control the traffic of poultry, poultry products and poultry waste to and from the region.
"Bird flu is transmitted to this factor remains mysterious. And the disease is very harmful to society because it attacks or racial kampong chicken. Moreover, the effect can causes the deaths in quick time and also in large quantities if attacked chickens in cages " 
he said.
Danger To Human Bird Flu
Kasi for Disease Control and Prevention Extraordinary Events (P2PKLB) at the District Health Office Drg. Permadi Suratman, M.Kes., Said the incident at Rumbling until now it does not determine the status of an outbreak because of events can be localized and controlled. However, it should be noted, in relation to the urgency of determining the status of an outbreak of avian influenza is because it has caused a number of deaths.
"As mentioned by Ms. Anti, unknown number of cumulative Avian Influenza in Indonesia since 2005 until July 2012, there were 190 cases with 158 deaths. This is the reason for the WHO puts Indonesia as the country with the highest number of H5N1 victims in the world, "he said.
The government has yet to revoke the status or condition of Extraordinary burung.Virus flu outbreak to spread from birds to humans through direct contact. H5N1 bird flu virus is a subtype of type A influenza viruses that attack the animal. However, health experts worried about a possible mutation of the virus that can be transmitted from human to human.
In most cases, he continued, the clinical signs of a person affected by bird flu symptoms are similar to the initial phase of the common cold with fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and muscle aches. It may also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Then quickly lead to symptoms of shortness of breath to severe respiratory failure that can lead to death.
"When you see symptoms like this with a high body temperature hingga38o C, should immediately be brought to the health center immediately" he said. In order for us and our environment safe from bird flu, said Permadi, it's good to pay attention to these suggestions: First, make it a habit to wash hands with soap after contact with poultry, two, separating poultry cages with human habitation, and three, and cook poultry and produksnya until thoroughly cooked.
Communication for Behavioural Impact
One of the targets of this bird flu Combi activity is spawned ambassador or health ambassadors who will join the campaign to the general public about the importance of healthy living. This is because healthy living is the key basis for treating bird flu.
Based on program plans, said Sugiyanti, SKM, through AI Combi this from any health center, will be selected 10 villages and from each village selected 10 children. "So in total there are approximately 150 children who will we practice as ambassador or ambassador bird flu prevention campaign" katannya.Masing one child who had been told about the importance of clean living will disseminate information to parents, relatives, friends, and the environment in which they live.

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