Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Indonesia: Bengkulu positive for #H5N1 in Poultry

Residents refused to cull the remaining poultry that was also sick.  So they sprayed disinfectant...

October 31, 2012
BENGKULU, BE - The case of chickens died suddenly due to bird flu re-discovered. This time the chicken belonging to Alexander and Rudi both citizens of RT 7 RW 3 Middle Village Padang. The data gathered BE, on Saturday morning, 4 chickens belonging Rudi found dead suddenly, so he immediately reported to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bengkulu. The team from the Department of Agriculture and Livestock as it went down to the location and inspection, but the results were negative. Furthermore chicken carcasses and even then subsequently discarded by residents disiring not far from his home. And keesokanya early days, back Rudi get 1 whole chickens died. The same is true for Iskandar. Two male chickens died suddenly, found it Iskandar immediately reported to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bengkulu. 
From the report, the officer PDSR yesterday, Zulkifli Ripert do a test at the scene. Chickens belong Rudi examined, the results were positive for bird flu, while 2 chickens owned by Iskandar condition has been damaged, the result can not be tested. "We've done a check on Saturday but the result is negative, and this is his second examination," he said. 
According to Zulkifli, the spread of it can happen quickly, especially residents dispose of dead chickens suspected of bird flu in vain, so that the virus can spread quickly through the air. Moreover, the dead chickens are not stable, which meet the standards of animal health. 
"Chicken found dead and had tested positive for bird flu examined. Chicken carcasses were then buried, "said Zulkifli. 
Since there was still some live chicken and suspected of contracting bird flu, Zulkifli suggested that the remaining chicken and lived to be destroyed. But residents refused so just be spraying disinfectant. In addition to the two houses, the remains found ten families who also has chickens. 
Meanwhile, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock of Bengkulu, Ir Arif Gunadi said bird flu cases were reported from March to October 2012, there were 13 cases that tested positive. The case was spread across 14 villages, namely Beler Village Gardens, Causeway Village, Rice Width, Bumi Ayu, Betungan, Ex. Surabaya, kel. Decrease Sukarami, West Rim, Gardens Tebeng, Bentiring, Sidomulyo, Dusun Besar, Central and Padang.

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