Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vietnam: Low effective bird flu vaccine for the new strain of C

[This article does not specify the strain, but that is what it is.]

Wednesday, 31.10.2012, 08:38 [GMT +7]
Afternoon 30-10, in Hanoi, the National Steering Committee to prevent avian influenza to discuss preventive measures. 
Department of Animal Health (MARD) said the country only 2 Quang Ngai province and Dien Bien flu appears less than 21 days. Blue ear epidemic continues to spread in the key areas of pig production: Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Thai Binh, Long An, Dak Lak, Quang Nam, the number of dead pigs are 3,200 children in total more than 6,000 children disease. The reason is that farmers also subjectively prevention, the local not drastically curb the cross-border smuggling.
Avian influenza virus strain is mainly group A and C, circulating in the northern provinces. There DAH epidemiological mapping and disclosure of H5N1 avian influenza virus strains circulating in the field and the effect of the avian influenza vaccine to the local initiative and control. 
Dam Xuan Thanh, Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Health said: Particularly in the northern provinces, the avian influenza vaccine for the new strain of C detection, the efficiency is very low. In this week's advisory group will report to the Department offered to buy Re6 vaccine, this vaccine is not a project that is a vaccine for the prevention of the epidemic will have the vaccine to vaccination. Through testing the vaccine in accordance with chickens, ducks and other avian influenza viruses circulating in Vietnam.
Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Diep Kinh Tan noted avian influenza virus is circulating in the local high-risk outbreak last year, asked the members of the Board direct urgently reviewing the number of bird flu vaccine for timely addition to the local epidemic prevention institutions. 
Deputy Minister Diep Kinh Tan said: "From now until the end of bird flu in the North will continue complexity, the most important thing now is to assign specific responsibilities of the veterinary better. Suggest repeat the veterinary team. For the blue ear disease to be done drastically, if we do not publish service does not support the destruction, the farmers selling firm will stand as it will spread ".

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