Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Morocco: Health Minister Calls Emergency Meeting Anticipation of Epidemic of #bird flu

Form Moroccan Health Minister Hussein pink cell emergency medical and veterinary Finally, consisting of specialists and frameworks high-level ministry, prepared to face any possibility of re-emergence of epidemic "bird flu" or "swine".

Sources familiar with the "Arabs Today" that "has been formed cell mentioned, under the procedures necessary proactive, taken by the Ministry of pink, through tighter control on poultry feed imported from European countries, as well as meat and so to prevent the entry potential for this disease to Morocco, especially after significant drop in temperature, by states during the winter, and the emergence of natural disasters, and failure of the effects on animal and human health and the environment. " According to the same sources, that "the cell above, will be held intensive meetings at the highest level in the coming days, as will study the developments of this epidemic at the global level, in partnership with the World Health Organization , and in full coordination with all ministerial sectors concerned, with a view to providing the necessary equipment and machinery to do all the tests required by this emergency is likely, in addition to providing essential medicines known as "Tamiflu" .. ".

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