Monday, December 24, 2012

Indonesia: Kendal 6 of 20 Districts #Birdflu, Chickens Also

December 24, 2012
 Outbreaks of bird flu in Kendal regency, Central Java, continues to expand. Even now, bird flu is not only attacking poultry at the farm, but also chickens owned by residents of nearby farms. The chickens that died suddenly when approaching the ranch.
To anticipate the outbreak of bird flu is not widespread, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry Plantations Kendal disinfectant to divide the districts for spraying poultry cages owned by residents.
Head of Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry Plantations Kendal, Sri Purwati, explains, spraying is done so that the virus is spreading and attacking ducks continue to be reduced and given twice a day.
"Spraying disinfectant to kill the virus that is settled, both at home and used the leftovers," said Purwati, Monday (12/24/2012).
Purwati also asked the public to the dead ducks were collected and burned and then buried to break the chain of virus from spreading. The way it is for now considered quite effective and prevent the spread of bird flu.
Bird flu virus attacks Kendal has occurred since the beginning of December and spread over six districts, namely District Rowosari, Weleri, South Kaliwungu, Patebon, Brangsong, and Cepiring. Most of the bird flu virus attacked young and adult ducks.
"Of the 20 districts in Kendal, already there are 6 districts of bird flu," he added

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