Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Indonesia: Suspected Bird Flu Patients Healthy Finally Revealed

 December 25, 2012
Suspected bird flu infections that previously experienced by a patient in a hospital in Semarang Elizabeth unproven. Central Java Health Office ensure berinisal AD patients aged 54 years, negative bird flu after laboratory tests were performed three times, each hospital laboratory Naidoo, the Research Laboratory of the Ministry of Health, and the Laboratory of Central Java Health Office. »The question had been allowed to go home," said Chief Medical Officer of Central Java, Anung Sugihantono, Tuesday, December 25, 2012.
He resigned returning patients who have been declared bird flu negartif to Elizabeth hospital. According Anung, Central Java Health Office has been handling since there are reports of bird flu symptoms experienced by patients. That is by giving drugs to observations during the incubation period, ie 20 days after being found suspect. »Observations also apply to residents of surrounding neighborhoods," said Anung.
He said the suspected bird flu was also found in Kendal on Friday last week. However, he also expressed negative.
Head of Public Relations Elizabeth Hospital Semarang City Probowati Tjondronegoro states do not recognize one patient suspect bird flu H1N5 virus negative. »Still holidays we have not received an official letter from the health department," said Probowati.
He declared an official letter from the Department of Health is to be a reference to repatriate patients. What's more, according to Probawati, during the patient suspect bird flu was in good health.Suspect bird flu patients treated by the hospital Elizabet Semarang City from 17 December. 
The patient was deliberately asked quarantined for fear he feels the body symptoms similar to bird flu symptoms. »He was getting special treatment because of suspected bird flu with isolation and quarantine entry way," said Probowati.

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