Sunday, December 23, 2012

Indonesia: Lampung #Birdflu #H5N1 Update

December 23, 2012

Strive Disnakkeswan Indemnity Poultry Breeders 

Bandarlampung - The cattle ranchers in Lampung shall be more vigilant. Section, Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Disnakkeswan) Lampung find any cases of local ducks were exposed to a new variant of bird flu virus. Ducks were certainly not the shipment of Java.
    '' We've found in the village of Negararatu, Natar, South Lampung, local ducks exposed to the virus. That's not a duck from Java. Hence we immediately destroy seven tails, "said Head Keswan and Veterinary Disnakkeswan drh Lampung.Arsyad yesterday.
    He suspected the local ducks exposed to viruses that come attached to the car used to transport ducks from Java. Therefore, Arsyad asked stakeholders in the district / city to perform disinfection of transport vehicles ducks from Java. '' It turned out so quickly spread. Local poultry have been hit, "he said.
    Arsyad continued monitoring team from Lampung Disnakkeswan continue to move to localize the places discovered new variants of the H5N1 virus. '' I also ask that the duck duck farmers directly affected by the virus destroy it, "he said.
    For a while, the new variant virus was discovered only attack birds ducks. Which so concerns Arsyad, if exposed to the virus of duck carcasses but not destroyed.
    '' That's the danger. If you get eaten by a dog or thrown into the river. But thank God, until now we have not been able to report again, "he said.
Reported, the bird flu virus or avian influenza (AI), a new type of attack birds in Lampung. Mutated bird flu has appeared in five districts / cities. Namely Pringsewu District, Tulangbawang, East Lampung, South Lampung, and Metro City.

However, so far no residents in the five districts / cities that are ill or died from the killer virus that attacks the ducks. '' In the last week, about 34 dead ducks in Metro,'' explained Arsyad. He continued, bird flu virus is a new kind of shipment from Java. ''

In addition to Metro, a virus with the same signs also emerged in Pringsewu, Tuba, Lamtim, and Lamsel. We continue to monitor these cases in order not to KLB (extraordinary event), "he said. -snip-

"We have not recommended to vaccinate, wait for observation and a new type of vaccine,'' he said.

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