Sunday, December 23, 2012

Indonesia: Patient Suspect Bird Flu Treated in Hospital Soewondo Kendal

 December 23, 2012

KENDAL - Patients were allegedly infected with the bird flu virus (H5N1), was treated in isolation Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Soewondo, Kendal, Central Java. Patients experiencing symptoms of bird flu, high body heat and cough for three days. Deputy Director of Hospital Services Soewondo, Saekhu, patients suspected of bird flu had the initials MAK (15), a resident of District Pare, Kediri, East Java. patients received intense scrutiny, including health, diet and cleanliness of the room. The hospital also took blood samples and saliva of patients, studied in the laboratory to the General Hospital Center (Dr) Kariadi, Semarang. Mohammad Irfan, a friend of the victim, said, MAK visit to his brother's house in the area Patebon, Kendal, from Monday 17 last december. He stays in the house, adjacent to the duck cage.MAK began to show symptoms of high fever on Thursday night. Because of the heat never came down and with a cough, MAK taken to the nearest health center, and directly referred to hospitals Soewondo. patients suspected of bird flu is the first case in 2012. The hospital has set up a special room, in anticipation of a surge of patients suspected of bird flu because there are still many dead birds. 

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