Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Egypt: New Valley #H5N1 Samples Taken From Farm Employees

infected with bird flu in emerging, bringing the total cases so far to 5 after the discovery of two cases; in one district tribe marine and other into Bishara. Dr. Mohamed Bashir Director General of Veterinary Medicine that the inspection teams veterinarian had discovered birds infected Bhzaúr for poultry farming among some citizens and immediately was sent samples from infected birds to reference laboratory for the control of poultry production of the Veterinary Services and the results were positive for affirm those birds sick. added that the directorate have executed all infected birds and disinfection of the surrounding areas as well as notification Directorate of Health Affairs for a medical check on all contacts with these birds in anticipation of any injuries to citizens as samples were taken from the owners of those barns and sent to labs in Cairo to make sure they are free from disease. confirmed that the Directorate declared a state of extreme emergency to prevent the spread of the disease among domestic birds was intensified inspections on all backyard and poultry farms to make sure they are free of the disease as well as tightening the protective measures and the use of fortifications private that the Directorate received 20 thousand vaccine against bird flu referring to the implementation of intensive campaigns in collaboration with the Department of Health to educate citizens on how to deal with live birds and ways discovery disease and ways to prevent it by following the instructions health and methods of cleaning and washing of poultry meat is cooked. than his part, Major General Tariq Mahdi Governor New Valley, a decision to prevent the entry or exit of live birds to and from the province as well as preventing traded between villages and cities of the province in order to reduce the chances of spread disease. 


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