Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indonesia: #H5N1 Clade Spreads in Padang Ducks

PADANG - attack a new variant of the bird flu virus H5N1 clade continues to spread in the region of Padang Pariaman. Once in Korong Kampuang Latitude, Korong Koto Rajo, Nagari Sunur and Korong Kampuang Rimbo, Nagari Padang Bintungan, District Nan Sabaris, a similar case was found in Lubuk Alung back.On Tuesday (26/2), at least 140 ducks owned by ranchers in Korong River Abang, Lubuk Nagari Alung rapid response team officers culled bird flu governments.Earlier, in the region of hundreds of ducks were found dead and tested positive for the bird flu virus.Officer, Deviyanti and Elwardi Enriko to Singgalang said, before the destruction, in Korong brother River was found to have at least 250 ducks died suddenly. From the rapid test or bird flu rapid test results performed officials stated that these ducks tested positive for bird flu."According to the breeder, ducks found dead suddenly since last three days. The number of ducks that died pretty much up to two hundred individuals. In one day there are at least dozens of ducks were found dead in paddy fields. The case was recently reported yesterday. Destroyed the remaining ducks, "said Devi and Elwardi.Ducks were destroyed yesterday consisted of DOD or ducklings and adult ducks. The ducks are kept by the farmers by way of removable just in paddy fields. Carcasses of dead ducks left just lying in the paddy fields. Presumably this wreck a medium for spreading the virus to other ducks.It said the same farmer-owned ducks are still plenty left. The ducks rest of it can not be destroyed, because it was off the wild ducks. The owner promised to confine the ducks and then destroyed.Ducks belong to farmers before there were dead and destroyed, its population reached 400 individuals.The report added the farmer owners of Devi, it is the rest of his duck duck who had previously been evacuated from Nagari Sunur. Because in Sunur no cases of bird flu and the destruction, the owner secretly evacuates his duck into the river Korong Abang, Lubuk Alung. Not a long evacuated, the ducks that were infected with the bird flu virus.Described, in Korong River Abang many duck breeders who declined Itiknya destroyed officer. Until now Nagari Lubuk officers and officials as well as the Government District Alung Lubuk Alung still trying to reach farmers to want to give up livestock Itiknya to be destroyed and given compensation.Devi and Edwaldi Takan Menga, it is not difficult to triangulate where the ducks were evacuated farmers. Therefore, yangdiungsikan ducks come from areas that have been infected with the bird flu virus, could certainly participate infected. In the area of ​​new ducks will certainly not immune to the virus. In the end the ducks were going to die because of the bird flu virus. (301)

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