Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vietnam: Tay Ninh commune announced bird flu, 5 miles from Cambodian Border #H5N1

Huynh Van Quang, Vice Chairman of Tay Ninh province has signed a decision announced bird flu in the whole Net Thuan, Ben Cau district.
Accordingly, the province prohibit all activities put in or taken out of the poultry or poultry products not processed within 21 days after the last outbreak occurred; same time direct DPC Ben Bridge , the functional coordination with the Department of Animal Health to mobilize forces, antiseptic, preventive vaccines ... focus in the area declared and the neighboring communes threatened. The province also decided to set up temporary checkpoints animals, division of 24/24 at the gateway to the border points to prevent the case of selling poultry bird or taken from across the border into.

Mr. Nguyen Van Those - Director Department of Animal Health Tay Ninh said, is only detected a hard bird flu occurred on 19/2/2013 at a flock of about 1,000 households Le Van Hoang hamlet Thuan Tay, Loi Thuan, Ben Cau district (on the canal, near the Cambodian border). Due to complex diseases, social outbreak Cambodian border and also diseases, deaths caused by the H5N1 virus, the province decided to publish across the Net Thuan to the primary sector and local concentration of effective prevention.
Before Tet 2013, the province of Tay Ninh also happened 2 AI on board about 3,000 chickens at two farms in Bau village Tep, Tien Thuan (Ben Bridge District) and incubated motives, Binh Minh (Tay Ninh town), after treatment, localized outbreak, now over 30, commune in 2 days on new outbreaks.

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