Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vietnam: Dept. of Animal Hlth 3rd Round of Sampling Discovered #H5N1 & Clade in Khanh HoaProvince

According to the Department of Animal Health, the third round of sampling monitoring influenza virus circulation monthly (12-2012, months 1 and 2-2013) were detected positive samples with the bird flu virus with relatively high rate, strong virulent virus, causing rapid death with symptoms characteristic lesions. Far discovered avian influenza virus clade A, clade C and clade 1.1 in circulation in the province. [Original: Đến nay đã phát hiện vi rút cúm gia cầm clade A, clade C và clade 1.1 đang lưu hành trên địa bàn tỉnh.]   [Đến nay đã phát hiện vi rút translates to  "To date virus detection"]

The province has held 4,500 liters of chemical spray disinfection, disinfection of the environment; held spray disinfectant daily in areas where poultry were destroyed and the surrounding area; trading points held in the district, town, city, especially the market ...

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