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Egypt: #H5N1 in New Vally Continues Along with Rabid Foxes & Dogs

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March 7, 2013

Source: Al- 
Ahram daily

Widened the focus of bird flu in the New Valley and has now reached 6 spots. Dr Mohammed Bashir Director General of Veterinary New Valley that new infestations that have been appearing Valley and tiles, was sent samples of the plant's central and proven injury samples were withdrawn, while the village of Al-Zayat was mortality rate 100% in a poultry farm is licensed by the chick Baladi age 23 days to about 2,700 birds.

Attacks rabid foxes and dogs cause panic in New Valley

New Valley - Parisian Mohammed:
Experiencing New Valley Governorate during the current period of the siege of diseases of livestock, initiated hotbeds of avian influenza that has spread in emerging provincial capital management after recording his first appearance on Tuesday 19 February 2013 last through the emergence of three spots satisfactory then number increased to up to 5 spots, During the past two days, another 5 spots appeared Center Dakhla. central Dakhla and tile prices cow disease spreads dominated state of fear and panic on most of the farmers in the province after the onset of the disease after it died 4 infected cases in the village boys Abdullah.
The onset of the disease in New Valley in mid-September and precisely on September 13, 2012, in the village of New Center Dakhla At the same time the people of the center tile suffer from attacks foxes rabid dogs and mountain fierce infected rabies, under the exchange of accusations between agriculture and veterinary medicine with each other due to illness and that each side is responsible for combat, threw Directorate of Veterinary Medicine charge on mice agricultural fields as causing prices being live next to cows and buffaloes fields. came out Agriculture officials confirming the invalidity claim Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, New Valley, and Naveen charge for voles and the real reason is attacks foxes السعورة and stray dogs on the cows in the fields during the evenings, as the resistance rats field of tasks agriculture sector while resistance dogs and foxes rabid tasks sector veterinarian.  drew farmers village owners cows infected charge of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine negligence and negligence in the performance of its work in immunizing cattle against the disease and provide vaccines has also asked farmers centers in Dakhla and tile compensate financially for their cows dead. which was considered Directorate of Veterinary Medicine accusation is realistic, as confirmed remarks officials of Veterinary Medicine, New Valley that livestock vaccination against rabies will cost 28 pounds, and exchange vaccine and livestock vaccination against the disease free is illegal.  pointed sector veterinary finger to farmers for not doing enough to immunize cattle against the disease, said Dr. Eid Mahmoud Director of Veterinary Medicine Center tile, that the disease has no cure but available antisera him injected with bovine sound only at the expense of farm owner cattle, he did not release any decisions compensation to farmers owners cows dead. issued Major General Tariq Mahdi, Governor New Valley, strict instructions to form a committee of veterinary medicine and agriculture to discuss the reasons for the emergence of the disease in the governorate and declare a state of high alert in case of spread, with speed take all actions and measures to prevent widening the focus of infection prices cow.  said Dr. Mohammed Bashir, Director of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine to maintain, that the symptoms of disease prices cow begins change abruptly in animal behavior and exit ways from his mouth and being subjected to a state of agitation severe, make it take aggressive behavior toward their babies and animals in the same place, what may not be extradited on human aggression infected animal.


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