Friday, March 8, 2013

Vietnam: Confiscated Cats & Poultry Smuggled in Quang Ninh

[I looked it up.  mèo  = cat.  Might be where we got the word "meow". ]

TP - 6-3, patrol and traffic control-center Corporation (Rail Road Police Department - Police in Quang Ninh province) discovered and arrested two consecutive transfers large number of chicks and cats smuggled from the border inland.
The first case was detected at 1 hour 25 minutes on Highway 18A Hekou - Ha Long, Ha Long City.
On cars 29b-046.21 by Bui Van Thinh, born 1990, resident of Tan Huong Ninh Giang district, Hai Duong control the direction of Mong Cai - Hanoi, carrying 7,500 chickens do not have proof of origin.
Next, about 3 hours 40 minutes, as well in locations through check trucks 17C-019.03 by Pham Dinh Chien, SN 1970, residing in communal Dinh Phung, Kien Xuong District, Thai Binh heading control Mong Cai- Halong force detection function on the vehicle carrying 1.1 tons of cat no papers, no invoice enclosed. The whole number of rows on the work handed over to the the Environment Public Security Police Team Halong city processor.
In another development, the morning 6-3, Department of Animal Health (MARD) announced up to 10/10 chicken samples discarded in Quang Ninh sulphadiazine antibiotics. In particular, in the shipments of smuggled poultry in Quang Ninh, 37/80 samples were positive for avian influenza virus. Functional departments of Quang Ninh has drastically prevent transport and trading of poultry, poultry products imported illegally.However, the situation is still complicated.
Afternoon 6-3, in Hanoi , online briefing chaired the People's Committees of provinces and cities in the North, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan tightened requirements management, striving to end 2013 end illegal import of poultry

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