Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vietnam: #H5N1 in Poultry in Đồng Tháp Province

Although at this time the province of Dong Thap disease has not happened yet, but over 72 test specimens of poultry at markets in Dong Thap, authorities found 24 samples positive for virus H5N1 flu, accounting for 33.3%.
 Including Tram Chim town market - Tam Nong district has the highest percentage (remote Plain of Reeds), a number of other markets such as An Thanh Market - Hong Ngu town, city market Cao Consulate also found positive samples with avian influenza.
So on 8/3, Dong Thap province requires branches and localities closely examine the situation of avian influenza are at risk of outbreak, quickly dealing with the outbreak, not to spread disease.
Stressful situation with the H5N1 flu in the southern provinces, 7/3, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has sent urgent provinces of An Giang, Dong Thap, Kien Giang ... required to strengthen control the transport, trade and consumption of poultry and poultry products in the adjacent border areas with Cambodia, as if, if there is no translation, rotation will drop import ... door.
According to industry functions, the rate of vaccination in cattle and poultry in Dong Thap is now quite low compared to the total above. By this time, the province has not happened avian influenza, foot and mouth and blue ear disease in cattle but in the transition seasons plus diseases are appearing in some local neighborhood, the risk of epidemic disease is very high.
Currently, poultry farming practices on the canal, the river in Dong Thap, for the simple reason that if H5N1 outbreak, and can be complicated. But if this is the cause of the disease, perhaps, from this people will only eat poultry cage, industrial dust, and knows not avian flu, poultry moved to ... antibiotic residues.

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