Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hong Kong: Fever patient tested negative for novel #coronavirus

March 4, 2013

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) received a report from Ruttonjee Hospital (RH) today (March 4) of a suspected case of Severe Respiratory Disease associated with Novel Coronavirus.
     The 54-year-old woman, with good past health, presented with fever, cough and runny nose since February 20. She sought medical consultation from a private doctor and was referred to RH for treatment this afternoon. Her current condition is stable.
     Investigations by the CHP revealed that the patient travelled to Dubai, Abu dhabi and Oman with her husband from February 11 to 19. Her husband is asymptomatic and her son has mild cough since today.
     Preliminary laboratory test result for the patient's sputum specimen today showed that it tested negative for Novel Coronavirus associated with Severe Respiratory Disease but positive for seasonal influenza A (H3).
     "The CHP will continue its surveillance mechanism with public and private hospitals, practising doctors and the airport for any suspected cases of Severe Respiratory Disease associated with Novel Coronavirus," a DH spokesman remarked.
     "No human infection with this virus has been identified so far in Hong Kong," the spokesman stressed.
     The spokesman advised travellers returning from novel coronavirus-affected countries with respiratory symptoms to wear face masks, seek medical attention and reveal their travel history to doctors.
     The spokesman reminded members of the public to pay attention to personal hygiene, especially wash hands:
* Before touching the eyes, nose and mouth;
* Before eating or handling food;
* After using the toilets; and
* After sneezing or coughing and cleaning the nose.
     For more information on personal hygiene, members of the public may visit the CHP's website:

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