Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vietnam: Bulk samples of smuggled chickens contain toxic chemicals #H5N1

The first two months of 2013, smuggled chickens still raging inland country as tens of thousands of kilograms of detection, arrest.
Concerns than tens of smuggled chicken samples found to contain residues of antibiotics toxic and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. PM 6.3, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan chaired briefings online, you plan to deal with illegal chicken sore today.pirated Chicken containing antibiotics and avian After Tet, the chicken smuggled still fairly complex evolution northern region.Functions on the force and illegal arrest of tens of thousands of kilograms of chicken, chickens, eggs, all kinds of ... At Ha Vi markets market's biggest poultry Hanoi - after several months of absence illegally smuggled chickens, the chickens have "re-export" and great uproar here with more than 1,000 chickens bald hair bald filled in for car seized in late February. Shortly after the illegal chicken reappeared, DAH (MARD) has taken five samples of chicken from here, the results show that all five samples are detected antibiotic residues sulphadiazine. Also in Hanoi, Lang Son 4/5 chicken samples to detect toxic antibiotics. Total sample culling chickens tested 20 samples, including 19 samples with residues of antibiotics, accounting for 95 percent. More hazardous, the Department of Animal Health said detected 37 out of 80 samples of live poultry in Quang Ninh positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza virus. This is considered one of the causes of outbreaks and the spread of bird flu on a large scale today. important thing is the chicken smuggling tricks "bald" increasingly sophisticated, more gimmicks.  
 Addition way chicken trafficking "traditional" divide chicken and hire porters transported into deep domestic objects smuggling also use boats to vent about our country. Most recently, Haiphong border forces detained Chinese fishing vessels transporting 280 tons of viscera, animal products, frozen poultry (on the list of temporary import for re-export) to declare the wrong category chemical. Force function has forced the re-export the whole ship this item out of Vietnam. By the rafts floating in rivers, sea, smuggling objects move to the fishing boats, freight continued in the country's domestic consumption.Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, said that the force has directed the Coast Guard to stop chicken smuggling, and her campaign coastal fishermen not to hands to objects smuggling.Dealing like ? 
 In the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Mai - Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Trade and Industry - said the force function is integrated into the handle serious violations of smuggled chickens at the market in Ha Vi lately. The chicken business at the market test was also conducted irregularly and more frequently. Ms Mai said: "We sampled the chicken waste at the market and for testing, results when three chicken samples do not contain antibiotics. Thus, the feeling is very difficult to distinguish between chicken smuggling and domestic waste. Chicken samples we collected are from chicken farms in the country, in Hai Phong and Bac Ninh. Disposal is not just chicken smuggled Chinese but also the domestic chicken ". According to Mai, out illegal bird control work is not only concentrated in Ha Vi, but also implemented in the collective kitchens, restaurants ... Frozen chicken samples were collected here, through the Ministry of Health shows that testing not detect residues of antibiotics. conclusion at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan said that the end of the 2013 target to prevent be smuggled chickens far, but two months of the year showed encouraging results. "People HN psychological not worry chicken smuggled past the holiday. HN has hundreds of food businesses, restaurants have committed to inform consumers not to use the illegal import of poultry. Many localities from Thanh Hoa, Nghe An ... back to no pirated chickens. This shows the determination of the local, "Deputy Prime Minister stressed. Next time, ask the Deputy Prime Minister continue to adhere to local laws, early treatment and strict with illegal trade in smuggled poultry business scale. The written agreement to prevent illegal chicken coordination between Hanoi and other provinces from now through December 3.2013 finished signing and early deployment.

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