Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vietnam: Đà Nẵng To Use Re-6 Vaccine for #H5N1

 [Re-6 is used in clade H5N1, and has proven effective.  Recently developed in China.]

On 28.02.2013, the Da Nang People's Committee decided to approve the vaccination plan bird flu in 2013 in the wards allowed livestock area city. Subjects vaccinated poultry including chickens, ducks hatching eggs and commercial eggs; meat and poultry raising. The vaccine used for vaccination as H5N1 vaccine Re-6. Vaccine purchased by the city budget support be deducted from the allocated budget for 2013.

    For households, poultry establishments to comply with the vaccination if the disease occurs is not entitled to support when destroyed.

     Accordingly, the total estimated number of poultry vaccination in 2013 range from 250,000 to 300,000 (excluding farms, the farms themselves vaccination costs). Expected number of times in each batch of poultry vaccination, including vaccination supplement from 125,000 to 150,000 children in that range from 80,000 to 100,000 chickens, range from 45,000 to 50,000 ducks.

     Their vaccination deployed at each locality as follows: 
     Ngu Hanh Son District: vaccination in Hoa Hai Ward (Phase 1: Day 5/3; Phase 2: Day 4/9); Hoa Quy Ward (Series 1 : 6 to 7/3; Session 2: July 5 to 6/9).

     Cam Le District: wards Hoa Xuan (Phase 1: Day 5/3; Phase 2: Day 4/9); ward Hoa Phat, Hoa An (on 6/3 and 5/9); West Hoa Tho Ward (7 / 3 and 6/9).

     Lien Chieu District: Hoa Hiep Nam ward (11/3 and 9/9); Hoa Hiep Bac (12/3 and 10/9); Bac Hoa Khanh Ward (13/3 and 11/9); Ward Hoa Khanh Nam (14/3 and 12/9); wards of Hoa Minh (15/3 and 13/9).

     Hoa Vang District: Hoa Phuoc (5/3 and 4/9); Hoa Chau (6/3 and 5/9); Hoa Tien (on 7/3 and 6/9); Hoa Khuong ( 11/3 and 9/9); Hoa Phong (12/3 and 10/9); Hoa Nhon (13/3 and 11/9); Hoa Phu (14/3 and 12/9 ); Hoa Son (15/3 and 13/9); Hoa Lien (18/3 and 16/9); Hoa Bac (19/3 and 17/9); Hoa Ninh (20 / 3 and 18/9).

     After each injection the above, the district People's Committee of People's Committees of communes, wards and keep track of the nascent poultry, Department of Animal Health reports to organize additional vaccination.Accordingly, additional injections after the 1 from 21/3 to the end of August / 2013, and the following additional injection phase 2 from 19/9 to 12/2013.

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