Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jiaxing pig farm dumped carcasses into Huangpu River


A pig farm in Zhejiang's Jiaxing City yesterday confessed to dumping dead pigs into the Huangpu River, Xinhua news agency reported without naming the farm or giving any specific number of dead pigs it had dumped into the water.
The admission came after a preliminary investigation traced the birthplace of some of the dead pigs found floating in a section of the Huangpu River between Shanghai and Jiaxing, the Jiaxing government said.
Shanghai has provided 14 ear tags collected from the dead pigs, and Jiaxing is still investigating 13 of these tags, Xinhua said.
According to the Jiaxing government, a total of 70,000 pigs died due to crude raising techniques and extreme weather at the beginning of the year. All the collected corpses were disposed of safely, and no mass swine epidemic had broken out in the region so far.

2nd Article:
Officers from the Shanghai business administration check pork samples at a wet market in Jinshan District yesterday as part of efforts to ensure food quality after thousands of dead pigs were found floating on the Huangpu River. A pig farm in Jiaxing, a city in Shanghai's neighboring province of Zhejiang, admitted dumping dead pigs into the river after Jiaxing authorities checked one of the 14 ear marks found on the carcasses retrieved in Shanghai. Authorities in central China's Hubei Province are also investigating after 50 dead pigs washed up in a tributary of the Yangtze River.

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