Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kuwait: «Education» team of social workers to rehabilitate colleagues deceased student Nora psychologically ..

Informed sources revealed the Ministry of Education for "today's world" that the ministry has given instructions to the Farwaniya educational formation dedicated team of social workers to do rehabilitation and psychological follow-up colleagues requesting "Nora" deceased to see تاثرهن incident that occurred and also control their level and attainment of scientific and attendance attendance daily.

 In a related context The sources revealed the determination of the ministry develop management of crises educational specializes in dealing with emergencies that occur in school as they arise, such as disabling the study because of the spread of disease swine flu or bird or any other disasters may occur, such as receiving school for any hoax and a bomb or fire which requires Exit students or students outside the walls of the school or the like and also solve the problem of lack of students repeated before and after the holidays and public holidays for state and others. On the other hand sources revealed that the ministry is currently studying the possibility of launching name requesting deceased "Nora" on one of the nation's schools to perpetuate her name because she died within a school classes the ministry and its fulfillment.

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