Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shanghai Huangpu River 900 Pigs Dead

Shanghai Huangpu River found nearly dead pigs 11 hours ago - translation The waters of the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, Shanghai Songjiang District, found a large number of dead pigs, ended at 16 o'clock on the 9th, the relevant departments to salvage dead pig 900 bulls and harmless treatment. Shanghai Water Authority water supply at Songjiang Huangpu River on the river appeared dead pig drifting phenomenon not yet have a big impact on local drinking water security. From the current situation, but also will not stop the water, it will not affect the production of the local waterworks. Shanghai Municipal Government to convene the relevant departments in the afternoon of the 9th meeting in the field, to take effective measures to quickly dispose of floating dead pig. According to the Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission said, Shanghai is not found to the phenomenon of the waters of the Huangpu River and other discarded dead pig, also found no major animal epidemic.

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