Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Repercussions "SARS" going after a decade on his appearance #Coronavirus

Translation from CNN Arabic
الثلاثاء، 12 آذار/مارس 2013

Hong Kong (AP) - Scientists said that the repercussions of "SARS", which affects the respiratory system and seriously threatens the lives of patients, is still tangible in many areas severely hit by the epidemic.
Says Kathy Kong a survivor of SARS, she was living in the most neighborhoods vulnerable to a wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong, was injured more than 300 neighbors Kathy disease, adding: "I did not know that my case was dangerous and very scary that was morphological from the hospital, When I arrived to the complex and found that most of the shops adjacent to the residence was closed, and calm hangs over the region other than the normal days. "
The streets were in other parts of Hong Kong deserted even though it was usually crowded, in addition to pedestrian wear masks to protect them, which increased the volume of demand so that hospitals are finding it difficult to obtain.
Siam said Shaw, a specialist in breathing in Hong Kong: "We did not prepare properly then, because we thought that the disease will spread in a limited way .. Then we discovered spread further in the complex of gardens, as there was a shortage in stocks of these masks."
He continues Shaw said: "It was very frightening, and every member of the medical team felt a great responsibility, because we had more than one hundred people infected with SARS .. and usually people try to give emotional touch to their experiences except that the incident constituted a shock for all .. I do not take it myself a hero, because I was trained to deal with pneumonia and this is my job. "
According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the SARS stopped in 2004, but the repercussions are still showing in Hong Kong today .. There are banners sterilization dates on buildings, in addition to the spread of instant hand sterilizers in the streets, and when one of the region's population disease masks are deployed among the people to avoid moving to the rest of the population.
Kathy says she is glad to spread awareness among the people, adding that SARS victims are still receiving treatment, some physically and others mentally.

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