Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jordan: Girl Died, Older Sister & Brother in ICU, Undiagnosed

Translation from Arabic
Special ... Soualev girl died "agents. p" town Algosfah in Irbid Governorate result of being struck with a sudden rise in temperature on Thursday night where the child introduced to Yarmouk Hospital and then transferred to Princess Rahma Hospital in Irbid, but it soon died As introduced her older sister and younger brother to intensive care for diagnosed with the same symptoms as not identify the cause of death and injury is suspected to be the reason the bird flu that family kept birds in her home in the town of Algosfah Tmakhz blood samples from deceased and injured were sent samples to Amman for examination and even moment did not get the test result people in the town fear of sending their children tomorrow to school for fear of transmission to their children In a telephone conversation with Dr. Ahmed Mikdadi Director of Education built Kenana told us that education will take the necessary precautions tomorrow at school and will be present in the queue morning to inquire and conduct necessary medical survey in collaboration with the District Health Directorate Bani Kinana and light it will take appropriate action with the results of the tests P. P

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