Friday, June 28, 2013

#H1N1 Vietnam - Death in Hau Giang Province

Nhan Dan Online-According to information from the Center for Preventive Medicine of Long Mỹ, ông Lý Văn Thanh ở ấp 12, xã Vĩnh Viễn died of A/H1N1 flu. These are deaths due to influenza A/H1N1 infection in the first year of Hau Giang.

Numerous local people came to pay his family Ly Van Thanh.
It is known that he was ill from 18-6 bar. After six days of treatment in private clinics locally, but the situation did not reduce disease, who brought the patient to the District HospitalLong Mỹ và Bệnh viện Quân y 121 in Can Tho City to continue treatment . But due to severe illness than the patient died on day 27-6.
Through examination of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh Thanh identified positive for influenza A/H1N1.
Local time sector function conducted spraying to kill pathogens, environmental remediation, instruction Thanh and his family households neighboring prevention measures.

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