Saturday, June 29, 2013

#H5N1 Vietnam - Ca Mau - Results of Serum Samples Poulry in Market Carry H5N1, but show no Symptoms

Updated on: 06/27/2013 19:31:58

But three outbreaks of avian influenza occurred in the province is detected early, promptly extinguished, but the situation is still complicated disease.

More worryingly for the vaccination for poultry this year is not supported by the State as before, people have to spend money to buy the injectable vaccine. Therefore, the vaccination for poultry certainly difficult if not implemented uniformly and tightly controlled.

 On the other hand, the province's livestock industry has not developed, farmers usually a few dozen chickens, ducks, until the big catch to market.The results of serum samples on the poultry is sold in the market but there are no signs, symptoms of bird flu, but still carry the H5N1 virus.
This shows that the bird flu virus is spreading in many natural environments. Thing more dangerous, since serum samples until the results of time lasting about 1 week, the results were positive for the bird flu in poultry has been sold.
This time, the localities should focus on the preventive vaccine for pets in the area. This is one of the measures most effective initiative to reduce pandemic.
Mr. Phan Van Dang, vets An Loi commune, Tran Van Thoi District, said the vaccination of cattle and poultry are key tasks should be focused social drastically this work. Currently, local specific plan directing people to make them.
For the prevention of disease in animals with high efficiency requires attention drastically, from the synchronization. For the industry professional, need to prepare adequate materials, chemicals, and vaccines to meet local demand for the implementation of vaccination.
Strengthen inspection, supervision and guidance measures to prevent and combat the disease promptly from industry professionals. In particular, the detection of cattle, poultry, disease and death, the people must be active immediately to the veterinary authorities and local authorities for timely handling, not to spread. /. 

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