Monday, June 24, 2013

Vietnam: 2 More Confirmed with #H1N1 in Vinh Long

The two other cases of H1N1 in Vinh Long are below.  It looks like the two today are from  they are from the same place.

Name:  Woman
From:  Mang Thit District, Long Tan Commune, Vinh Long Prov.
Onset:  6/11
Adm:  6/15
Note:  Bought chicken at market in commune on 6/8.
DOD:  6/17.

Name:  55yo
From:  16B Dinh Tien Hoang St., Ward 8, Vinh Long
Adm:  Gia Dinh Hospital, Vinh Long
 Note:  Was in Cancer Treatment 12.6 days (12 ½).  Showed signs of illness and went to Gia Dinh Hospital.
DOD:  6/14

June 24, 2013

(TNO) Two cases of influenza A/H1N1 infection iếu Thuận, H.Vũng Liêm và xã Hòa Hiệp, H.Tam Bình Vĩnh Long province are, both test results are positive for the flu.

Test results by the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City today announced 24.6.
According to authorities in Vinh Long province, Hieu Thuan commune patients in isolation and being treated in hospital in Vinh Long province.
According to medical records, 21.6 days hospitalized patients with symptoms of high fever, sore throat and nasal pharynx is taken for testing.
Patients being treated with medication Taminflu, good health recovery, fever, ease sore throat, lung X.Quang normal shooting. Patients will continue to be monitored treatment.
Particularly in patients receiving treatment Hoa Hiep Commune in HCMC Tropical Hospital.
Thus, just over one week, the province of Vinh Long has 4 positive cases of A/H1N1 flu, of which 2 cases were fatal. 

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