Friday, June 28, 2013

Vietnam: Director of the Department of the Interior Mau #H1N1 positive

Height 27.6, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dan, director of the Preventive Medical Center of Ca Mau Province said: "According to information I received is Le Hoang Be patient, Director of the Department of the Interior Ca Mau province tested positive for H1N1 flu ".
Earlier, on 19.6, ông Bé to Protect Health Board Provincial examination with cough and fever were transferred to the unit hospital (general hospital) Ca Mau and treatment monitoring.
The next day, sick of his evolution increasingly heavy baby, but not Ca Mau province general hospital patients found infected with influenza.
By day 26.6, patients with symptoms of high fever, difficulty breathing much more should be referred to the Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City.
After examination and take samples for test, 27.6 days, Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital phoned to inform leaders of the provincial Health Protection Committee Le Hoang Be patient was positive for H1N1 influenza.
It is reported that the Center for Preventive Medicine of the province is on the list for monitoring exposure. At the same time will disinfect, disinfect work areas and patients previously treated patients.
Dr. Dan adds, the regional general hospital H.Cai water (Ca Mau) are also monitoring a suspected influenza H1N1 cases. Around 10 am on 27.6, TTM sister (30 years old, live Cai Doi Vam town, H.Phu Tan, Ca Mau) was transferred to the general hospital in New H.Phu fever, cough and shortness of breath. This time the patient was treated by isolated H1N1 influenza treatment regimen.
"The flu situation is quite complex evolutions in the province. Earlier, HU Ming also detected cases of influenza A H1N1, "said Dr. Dan.

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