Monday, June 24, 2013

Saudi Arabia: Private hospitals and clinics are reluctant to diagnose'' Corona''


Resulting panic raging recently in the province of Hasa, in particular in the Kingdom in general from the specter of HIV Corona and backlash toward the observer disease Ahsa as is the case with Discovered Kingdom who met the ministry to end services, led to the reluctance of many private hospitals for diagnosis with the virus fearing referred to as the source of the virus, especially after the bitter experience faced by a prestigious hospitals to maintain after the fact faced responsibly and discovered the first case of surprise by making such a source of the epidemic rather than gratitude.
The number of citizens appealed to the concerned authorities, led by the Ministry of Health calls upon everyone to assume their responsibility towards the fight against the virus and get away from the concealment of information on this disease infection Ochkhis as the World Health Organization announced recently.

"Al-Ahsa News" met two people lived bitter experience of suspicion "reserves the newspaper their names," he said, "Fahd" I went to a private hospital struggling death of high temperature and shortness of breath and pain in the throat and noted confusion of proceeded as I address in the private hospital and immediately told me what was not sway and the maximum what he did the doctor made ​​sure Kamamth and went out of them heading to King Fahd Hospital, which Sarhani suspicion and did the job required and thankfully I am now completed anyway. 
either "Muhammad" he says, came Carry many indications of HIV infection and once checking vital signs at a hospital antidepressants has been disbursed, antipyretic and advised me Emadat but my brother, who was accompanying me was not convinced he took me to one of the other private hospitals which treated me as a suspicion of taking the case with me all the procedures so that case proven drawbacks samples and thankfully.

On the other hand met  , "Al-Ahsa News"  some citizens respondents their opinions about those actions that are beyond humanity and honor of the medical profession, where he spoke, Mr. Maher Cjager saying that such hospitals shameful and regrets her hearts do not deserve to be on this earth generous What is the benefit of hospitals, including where doctors and medical devices unless they cooperate in the fight against this serious disease and limit the spread of the inverse, whatever the results Omah on the reputation of this hospital because very nominal medicine and the greatest attention Bhetwavh the things Fgaath is attention to the health and safety of everyone living on this earth generous.

As Mr. Khalid trainers, he said thankfully the situation is reassuring now thanks to God and the efforts of the Ministry of Health to control and reduce it after what we live in fear and panic because of the large number of speakers through the means of social communication knowledge and without knowledge. 
There gesture taken by the Ministry of Health is published preventive steps about the disease through its front page on the internet, and I hope that the ministry hold negligent health centers or private hospitals that prevented the reception of this sickness or evaded diagnosed.

For his part, has said Hani caused that such action is a far cry from Humanity and the meaning that afford hospitals and I think now the people have full awareness about the disease I guess they will accept the news would not affect the reputation of the hospital. 
spoke Umm Ahmed housewife, saying that unfortunately some of private hospitals only concern material and collect money impartial of all human values ​​and so for their own interests and the nearest such as what happened with the virus Corona In some of those hospitals refused to disclose the existence of some patients and evasion of diagnosing HIV-infected media and with great regret that this frequently dramatically in Mschvina private and that in the absence of health control by the Ministry of Health esteemed company. 

As Abdullatif Duwaisan has stressed the need to demonstrate that private hospitals transparent and professional medical and in collaboration with the concerned authorities in uncovering the facts direction of the disease stressing at the same time the need to demonstrate that health facilities professionalism in their work and the fear of God Almighty. 

As Hamoud bin Fauzan Al-Shammari has called for the Ministry of Health to intensify campaigns oversight on those private hospitals and emphasized the need for the cooperation of the hospitals in the fight against the virus to perform their work with all Onsa├║ah with pasture conditions humanitarian cases poor physically stressing that the honor of the profession Medicine is totally incompatible with evasion for the diagnosis or treatment of any patient no matter what the illness. 

And it said Mohammed Saad to evade diagnosis for fear of the reaction of people are negative towards the disease but it is a look deficient and conduct incompatible with the honor of the medical profession, especially as citizens become more aware and Adarka towards this act stressing that the evasion of diagnostic displays established for the negative outlook and a lack of trust of citizens when he discovers the disease other hospitals in a sign of poor diagnostic capacity of the hospital refusing to declare the diagnosis and on the contrary find quite a lot of confidence in hospitals that succeed in the diagnosis, especially with the presence models Chavt of this virus recovered God and you.

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